Katie Stanley

Graduate Success Stories:

Katie Stanley, Medical Assisting

When I was younger, my mom had some medical problems. I wanted to understand what the doctors were saying so I could understand what was going on and how I could help her. After that experience, I knew that I wanted to go into the medical field to help people.

I visited IBC with my sister, who was interested in the graphic design program. I liked the smaller classes, one-on-one attention from the teachers and that the program was quick, but informative. I also wasn’t overwhelmed by the campus like other schools. My sister is now in the graphic design program and I finished the medical assisting program!

I really loved the teachers. Whenever they saw that I was struggling, they really helped me by encouraging me and spending extra time with me to make sure I understood the material. In the areas where I excelled, they were willing to give me extra work to push me to be even better. I attended a different school before IBC and it was hard to reach professors, which is the exact opposite of the experience that I had at IBC.

I was worried about getting a job after graduation, but I liked that the career services department will help you find a job. They also offered a review class prior to taking the Certified Medical Assistant exam, which was a great way to calm my nerves.

I am currently working for an Infectious Disease clinic and I cried when I was offered a permanent position with them.  I love the staff where I work and I love building relationships with patients. Some of my responsibilities include taking vitals, following up on patients that are in the hospital and running labs on patients. I love helping people and am so glad that I have found a great career!

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