Study Skills

Teaching students how to study is as important as teaching the subject matter of a course. The students at International Business College have the opportunity to learn important study skills like test taking, time management and more from Nikki Johnson, head librarian at International Business College and course instructor.

“My focus is on promoting good study skills, helping students learn how to conduct research, and helping them with academic writing, including proper citations,” said Ms. Johnson. After earning her Masters in Library Science, Ms. Johnson knew that she wanted use her research skills and love of helping people. She joined IBC in 2012 and has found the perfect place to combine her two passions.

“My favorite part about working at IBC is being in the library and helping students with whatever they need. From helping them with study skills to helping them research a topic for class, I love that I get the opportunity to really develop a rapport with them and that they see me as a trusted advocate,” replied Ms. Johnson.

Ms. Johnson also teaches business communications and public speaking at IBC. “I am so lucky to work at IBC. Because it’s a smaller school, it has a real community feel to it. I make it a goal to know every student’s name and get to know them on a personal basis,” said Ms. Johnson.

Some of her favorite study tips are:

- Set up an optimal study environment, which includes soothing music and a light snack.

-Don’t wait until bedtime to start studying. Your brain won’t retain as much information at night.

-Learn to prioritize your time. Some days family comes first and other days your studies have to be first.

-Don’t overdo it on the caffeine. One drink can energize your brain, but too much has the opposite effect.

-Use to create your own tests to study from. If your test is multiple choice, create a multiple choice test to get your brain’s muscle memory working.

“Many of our students say that they never had to study before,” answered Ms. Johnson, “I love when they come back and tell me that my tips have helped them!”